TripleO deep dive session #2 (TripleO Heat Templates)

Tags: tripleo, openstack July 18, 2016

This is the second video from a series of “Deep Dive” sessions related to TripleO deployments.

This session is related to a THT overview for all users who want to dig into the project.

This video session aims to cover the following topics:

  • A THT basic introduction overview.
  • A Template model used.
  • A description of the new composable services approach.
  • A code overview over the related code repositories.
  • A cloud deployment demo session.
  • A demo session with a deployment in live referring to debugging hints.

So please, check the full session content on the TripleO YouTube channel.

Sessions index:

    * TripleO deep dive #1 (Quickstart deployment)

    * TripleO deep dive #2 (TripleO Heat Templates)

    * TripleO deep dive #3 (Overcloud deployment debugging)

    * TripleO deep dive #4 (Puppet modules)

    * TripleO deep dive #5 (Undercloud - Under the hood)

    * TripleO deep dive #6 (Overcloud - Physical network)

    * TripleO deep dive #7 (Undercloud - TripleO UI)

    * TripleO deep dive #8 (TripleO - Deployed server)

    * TripleO deep dive #9 (TripleO - Quickstart)


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